Cloud Nine Luxury Yacht Rentals



Instead of an ordinary hall or restaurant, consider our unique concept of chartering out your own private yacht for your elegant fund raiser. The Cloud Nine yachts are perfect for this occasion. The Cloud Nine IV offers an underlit dance floor that is unusual and very different. Most of the fund raisers have a theme and color palate. Our party planner can coordinate the decorations and food with the theme you select.  The casino night is very popular this year for fundraising events. Treat your guests, and yourself, to a casual cruise with food and beverages, while touring the magnificent NY skyline. It is perfect for out-of-town guests who have never seen Manhattan. The fundraiser can be as small as 10-75 guests on the Cloud Nine III, or for your larger group the Cloud Nine IV can handle 75-150 guests. Unsurpassed in style and quality, the Cloud Nine features elegant accommodations and a very attentive crew. All of our yachts are climate controlled for your comfort.